Vivofit vs. Vivofit 2

Vivofit vs. Vivofit 2

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What you will do when you have two excellent fitness tracking devices in your hand where both are giving assurance of superior performances and you have to pick just one?

Let’s help you to make you with the right choice.
But before we do that for you spare a second or two to look back in the past- Few years ago tracking one’s own fitness level proves to a huge task indeed but not these days. Now, many fitness gadgets are there to make your tasks easy and at your convenience. Two products from same company are up against each other. Yes, we are talking about Garmin’s Vivofit and Vivofit2. Both the fitness trackers are capable of tracking your various fitness activities like counting footsteps, calories burnt in a day and many more.

Comparison Code – Confront & Consider
Problems of comparing between two excellent fitness trackers are many, but we cannot ignore our excitement of finding the facts and reaching out a conclusion. We are here on a fact finding mission to project the Pro’s and Con’s of both items.

Let’s Start with Vivofit and see what’s on the offer-


★ Vivofit tracks various fitness activities such as – calories burnt, counting steps, sleep tracker and your sports mode PRO

★ Equipped with OLED Touch Screen Display Monitor along with Gesture Control this fitness tracker surely a choice
★ Vivofit also provides you with options such as – Manual Sleep Tracker, Sedentary Alert, Message alert, Camera Click Shortcut & Anti-Lost (Find My Phone), Reminders.

★ Other than fitness tracking this device also has features like – Call, SMS, WhatsApp, FB, Twitter, Gmail, Skype, & other Notifications on the Band

★ For charging you can plug the device in your Laptop’s/Computer’s Usb Ports for charging.
A Long press on the device screen switches it on.

★ This device is compatible with almost all popular smartphone irrespective of OS i.e. both Android and iOS.

Remember not all applications work perfectly all the time because they are connected with other devices, for example- the phone finder only works when the Vivofit app is open. In our findings, some features are really impressive like- counting steps feature work perfectly and calories burnt. But multiple sports mode is little tricky and you may find that it doesn’t work smoothly.

Time for Vivofit 2 the upgraded & Loaded Version.

★Vivofit 2 is packed with a mammoth battery life and it can resist water up to 50 miter

★Move bar w/audible alert – This feature won’t let you to stat   for a longer period of time by displaying a red move bar and sounding an alert after one hour of inactivity. Additional segments light up for every 15 minutes of inactivity. Walk for a couple of minutes to reset.

★BACKLIT DISPLAY – This is another prominent advantage in this version. The display is always on so you won’t miss a beat. Turn on the backlight to see your stats, even in the dark.

★ACTIVITY TIMER – Record activities with or without a heart rate monitor. Water rating: 5 ATM. Display resolution: Segmented LCD. Sleep monitoring (monitors total sleep and periods of movement or restful sleep)

★The clasp is much more secure, so has less chance falling off during intense exercise.

One thing that is missing in Vivofit2 is lack of vibration and Auto-Sync facility is not available.  Also, Garmin mobile app doesn’t provide detailed enough information or any smart coaching insights.

Now, let’s take a look at the SIMILARITIES between two gadgets:   Vivofit vs. Vivofit 2

Both the Vivofit and the Vivofit 2 track steps, distance, calories, personalized daily goals, give time, monitor sleep, are heart rate compatible, work with the Garmin Connect app community. Both sync wirelessly to Garmin Connect and have a 1 year battery life. All these mean that they are at par with each other till now.

Time to take a look at all the Major Differences: Vivofit vs. Vivofit 2

 AUTO-SYNC – Both the gadgets have the option of connecting wirelessly to Garmin Connect. Advantage of Vivofit 2 is, it auto-syncs to paired mobile devices at strategic times when you open the Garmin Connect app.

ACTIVITY TIMER – In Vivofit, activity tracking starts from heart rate monitor worn on the body. In Vivofit2, activity timer records activities with or without an optional heart rate monitor.

MOVE BAR ALERT – Both the devices utilize a move bar to alert you about your inactive period. However, in Vivofit, the red bar lights up to prompt. The move bar in the Vivofit 2 lights up as well and at the same time sounds an alert.

BACKLIT DISPLAY – In Vivofit one of the main problems is that the display is not readable in the dark. In the Garmin Vivofit 2 solves that problem by including an LCD back-lit display.

LOCKING MECHANISM – On the design side, Garmin has included a locking mechanism which has a T-shape clasp that locks together with a 90 degree rotation and prevents the band from slipping open during the workout.

CUSTOMIZATIONS – Vivofit 2 comes with loads of customizations including different colored straps.. These make the Vivofit 2 look more attractive and less like the activity tracker that it is.



The Vivofit vs. Vivofit 2comparison is a mismatch in many areas where the Vivofit 2. It is definitely the better choice, as Guess what? Choice is up to you and your needs. We can only tell you all the facts that we have gathered during our research.

Our Verdict

Fight between Garmin Vivofit vs  Garmin vivofit 2 has now been concluded. It’s obvious that Garmin has added few features in Vivofit2 which has helped the device to come out at the top over Vivofit.   Definitely a  more attractive alternative than Vivofit. But  that does not mean Vivofit is totally down and out, no it’s not. For the discounted price, it is still an attractive choice provided you don’t need the added features of the Vivofit 2.


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