Amazfit vs Ticwatch

Whether you’re searching for the best fitness tracker for kids to help you get them into shape, or you want to find a fitness tracker that’s going to help you monitor your own fitness progress, it’s important to have a high quality tracker that’s going to gather all the most important information for you about your workout and what sort of progress you’ve made over time. We overview all sorts of smartwatch companies, but two that have really stood out lately are Ticwatch and Amazfit. Both of these are truly outstanding products in terms of general smartwatches and fitness trackers. To help you figure out whether you should buy the Ticwatch or the Amazfit; we’ve put together an in-depth comparison for you to look through. Read through it, figure out what differences mean the most to you, and then decide on the best fitness tracker for your own personal uses.

Their Main Differences

Amazfit and Ticwatch products are so similar, there aren’t a huge number of differences for you to worry about when choosing to go with one company or the other for your next smartwatch. We’ve outlined all the major differences for you, so you can easily make a decision about who you should be buying from.


Amazfit works well for lap swimming

In the search for the best fitness tracker with heart rate support, we are taking a close look at which devices are waterproof and which you have to be careful with. This is one area where Ticwatch and Amazfit have some differences. All the Ticwatch products are water-resistant and some even have IP68 waterproofing, while most have IP65 protection. Either way, Ticwatch products aren’t meant for lap swimming on a regular basis. There are a few products by Amazfit, like the COR that is designed to work just fine for lap swimming on a regular basis. If you want a tracker that you can use in the local pool, Amazfit is the obvious option.


Both companies offer high-end smartwatches in the $200-$300 price range, but that is the range that all the Ticwatch products fall in. If you aren’t prepared to spend that kind of cash on a smartwatch, you are going to be much happier with the options from Amazfit. There are options under the $100 price point, making it possible to get started with smart tracking for much less of an investment.


Ticwatch has the advantage when it comes to style

Style and appearance are two pretty important qualities to look for in your next smartwatch purchase. A smartwatch that looks really nice is an accessory that you’ll get more use out of overall. Style is an area that we believe Ticwatch has a strong advantage in over Amazfit. While both companies offer a good lineup of products that don’t look too bad, the high-end offerings from Ticwatch actually look like designer watches in some cases. If you want a smartwatch that looks like a designer watch, your best option is Ticwatch. Amazfit offers some good-looking watches that can pass as high quality active wear watches, but nothing so refined as the Ticwatch Classic.

Enjoy Excellent Smart Fitness Tracking with Amazfit and Ticwatch

Both Ticwatch and Amazfit products are well-known for fitness tracking and basic smartwatch features, and you’re getting quite a lot when you purchase options from either company. Keep reading to find out what you can expect to get when you buy a Ticwatch or Amazfit product and why so many people continue to purchase devices from both of these companies.

Top Tier Battery Performance

Battery life is a very real concern for smartwatches and fitness trackers. In our search to find the best fitness tracker with heart rate support, we were impressed by both Amazfit and Ticwatch. Both of these watch brands offered exceptional battery life. It’s possible to get more than 30 days of battery life with both Ticwatch and Amazfit products. That means you can literally go for weeks without worrying about charging your device at all. This is a huge difference compared to the many smartwatches that only have one or two days of battery life.

Decent Water Protection

Though Amazfit and Ticwatch products aren’t built specifically for use in lap pools on a regular basis, both feature products that are designed to hold up to basic submersion in water. Most of their devices come with IP68 water protection, so you don’t have to panic if you accidentally hop into the pool with your smartwatch on. With that said, neither provider is perfect if you want a watch that you can wear for swimming laps all the time.

Built in Music Storage

Music and working out go hand-in-hand for most people. That’s why it’s so beneficial to have a smartwatch with built-in storage so that you can add songs to your device and listen to them without a smartphone present. You can do this on top offerings from Ticwatch and Amazfit, making it easy to enjoy your favorite songs while out on a workout, even if your smartphone gets left at home.

App and Notification Support

If you’re looking for a smartwatch to monitor your incoming notifications, let you see who is messaging or calling you at a glance, and access useful apps without your phone, you can enjoy all of those features and more with something like the Ticwatch Pro, or the Amazfit Stratos. These full-features smartwatches are compatible with Android and iOS and they are designed to give you all the functions that you would expect from a modern-day smartwatch. You don’t have to sacrifice any connectivity features no matter which company you decide to go with.

Excellent Fitness Tracking

If you want to track your workouts and make sure that you’re building your fitness level while staying on track for your workout routine, you can do all of those things with either a Ticwatch or Amazfit product. Both of these product lineups include smartwatches that offer all the fitness tracking capabilities that you are likely to ever need. They come with heart rate monitors, they feature GPS tracking, they feature accelerometers for step counting and tracking activities like running or cycling, and they’re designed to sync up with companion apps so that you can track all your most important information over time. No matter how you want to work out, you can rely on products from both of these companies to help you track and improve your health over time.

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