This WHERE Windows 10 Taskbar is Found? NEW 2021

If you searched for “where is the taskbar located on windows 10” you’re in the right spot. It’s actually quite simple the Taskbar is the bar found at the bottom of your screen. In windows 10 you have the start button and most of the time a search as well. There’s a “Talk to Cortana feature”, Task view, pinned programs, hidden icons, WIFI or Network, speakers, time/date, and notifications.

What is the taskbar on a computer? The Taskbar is the long bar across the bottom of your screen. The Taskbar helps you organize your desktop to make it easier to find apps you use the most. You can tell what programs are open with the use of the Taskbar. You can also search for programs you do not have icons for using Cortana and/or the search bar.

How to Pin to Taskbar?

Pinning an application the taskbar is actually simple. Typically your going to pin applications you use the most, so that they’re easier to access and it jazzes up your taskbar.

  • Locate the app you want to pin to your taskbar.
  • Right-click the app you chose.
  • Click on Pin to Taskbar.

As you can tell it is simple and Pinning to the Taskbar is an easy 3-step process. You can also make apps tiles on your Windows start menu. That is just another wat to organize you use of software on the computer.

Is your Windows Taskbar not Hiding? Let’s Make it Go Away

One way to create more space on your desktop is to turn on Auto-hiding. Yet, you maybe having issues at the moment with it not going away. This is a common issue with an easy fix. First off make sure you have it enabled. Just right-click the Taskbar and hit Taskbar settings and make sure Auto-hide is switched on. If you know it is on then do the steps to fix it. It is just as easy right-clicking the Taskbar and going to task bar settings. Then, turning off and back on again the Auto-hide feature. Like I said it is a fairly simple procedure.

When you’re using the Auto-hide feature there may be other reasons why it’s not going away. If you have some notifications. Any apps like skype, email, and discord if they have some sort of notification, it won’t go away. Make sure to check the hidden icons as well. Some of those apps may require some attention. Even normal notifications at the bottom right those for updates, system issues, and emails. These all will make the Taskbar stay open.

Customize the Windows 10 Taskbar

To customize your Taskbar, just right-click on any empty spot of the Taskbar. Choose the option called Taskbar Settings. I the Taskbar settings window, if you scroll-down a bit, you will find the menu called Taskbar location on screen. This drop down menu allows you to choose where you want the Taskbar to be. You can on top of the screen, to the right/left or keep it on the bottom. This is also the area you find the auto-hide functionality.

Other customization options include the pin to Taskbar feature, adjust icon size, you can resize the taskbar, combine taskbar buttons (basically decluttering the Taskbar), show badges on Taskbar, and you can even customize the system tray. There’s other things you can do like change the color of the apps and the taskbar.

How to Move The Taskbar in Windows 10

I mentioned this above. Moving the the Taskbar is simple. If you go to an empty spot on the Taskbar and right-click and then go to taskbar settings. You find a drop-down menu called Taskbar location on screen. There is four different options such as top, bottom, right and left.

Also, if you right-click on an empty spot of the Taskbar and select Lock the Taskbar, so there is no check mark on it. You can drag it where ever you’d like.

Turning On and Off Transparency Effects in Windows 10

Having a Transparent Taskbar in Windows is another quite simple thing you can do. In 3 easy steps you can have your Windows 10 Transparent.

  • Open your Settings app.
  • Go to Personalization then Colors on the left side.
  • Turn off or on the option Transparency effects on the right side of the page.

This isn’t The Only Way to Have Windows Transparent

If you thought the first guide to having your Window Transparent was easy, follow these steps. Right-click on an empty spot of your Taskbar. Hit Taskbar settings. Locate colors on the left side of the page. Then, on the page, there is an option called Transparency Effects which you can switch on or off.

How do I Open Task Manager with Taskbar

The Windows Task Manager is the inly utility to use for information regarding your computers hardware usage. This program details stats about each process open.

Your going to find many tabs and options in the Task Manager to allow you to certain things, or only view everything under a certain category.

Windows has a many different ways to obtain the Task Manager.

  • Pressing Control + Shift + Esc opens the Task Manager directly
  • Doing Control + Alt + Delete then clicking Task Manager will open the Task Manager
  • Also using the search function in the start menu to Find the Task Manager will bring it up

Windows 10 Taskbar is on The Side. How to Move it Back to The Bottom

Do not worry this is a common issue to happen with the Taskbar. You can easily move it back to the bottom. It is easy as 2 steps literally.

First click and hold onto an empty spot of the task bar. Secondly, drag it down to the bottom and it should follow. To prevent the Taskbar from moving back to the side, you right-click an empty spot of it. Then hit lock Taskbar. Like I said this will prevent the Taskbar from walking off again.

If, the Taskbar is coming back down. Just right-click an empty spot of the task bar. Look for the Lock Taskbar feature, and make sure that feature does not have a check mark. If there is a check mark click it, then follow the steps above. Like I said this is a common issue I see it all the time. So, don’t worry when this happens to you because it takes seconds to fix.

How to Change Taskbar Color in Windows 10

Changing the color of the Taskbar another easy tweak you do to customize your Taskbar. Firstly, select the start button, then go to settings, click personalization, click on colors, and now you have the ability to change accent colors on certain surfaces.

To change colors of the Taskbar it self hit the box next to start, Taskbar, and action center. There is many preset options of colors you can use and you have the ability to use custom colors as well.

Taskbar not Working in Windows 10

When your Taskbar doesn’t work this can cause problems. It will make it difficult to work on your computer. The good thing is it can be fixed. If your Windows Taskbar is frozen, you can setup a System restore to get over the problem.

Most of the time the Taskbar freezing is caused by a graphics driver issue. Another simple fix, by updating drivers or reinstalling them.

Let’s get down to some fixes for your broken Taskbar.

  • Your antiviral program may cause the issue, make sure their up to date.
  • Speaking of updates make sure Windows it self is updated.
  • If the problem occurs after an update, remove the update or do a system restore.
  • If the Taskbar isn’t working from startup, you’re going to create a new user account.

You can do other things like finding software to diagnose the problem. I don’t recommend them, I would rather you seek a professional, there are too many viruses attached to some programs and fake programs as well. Not only looking at other options check your display drivers in the device manager. That’s the last thing I would look into before seeking help from others.

How to Change the Size of The Taskbar in Windows 10

Changing the size of the Taskbar is actually another simple customization you can do. Here’s how you can change the size of your Taskbar.

  • On your Desktop right-click on an empty spot
  • Go to Display settings in the menu
  • Use the slider under the Change the Size of text, apps, other things to 100%, 125%, 150%, or 175%
  • Select the apply button at the bottom of the window

Another option is to just make the apps bigger. You can do that by right-clicking an empty spot on the desktop. Hover over view and Click on Large icons.

How to Remove Cortana from The Taskbar

Yet another simple customization for your Taskbar. To remove Cortana from the Taskbar, right-click on any free spot on the Taskbar. Select the option Show Cortana icon or Hidden. Clicking it to an icon, it will show as a circle below. Disabling it entirely, it will be removed completely from your Taskbar.

Not only that if need be you can also get rid of the Task View button from your Taskbar. Most people don’t use it any how and you free space that way as well.

I will be posting similar tips and tricks often so make sure you bookmark my page, and comeback every day to learn more.